Abbie is a performer and teacher in many disciplines. Currently, she  contracts for special events nationally and internationally. In the air, she will fly by on several apparatus: trapeze, lyra, tissue (aerial silks), corde lisse (aerial rope), and sling. On the ground she is a hand balancer/contortionist, fire/flow performer, and acrobatic dancer. Abbie graces stages all over the country, at casinos, music festivals, corporate events, opera houses, parades and more. A lifetime of gymnastics and dance led her to begin her professional performing career with well known ensembles: Quixotic Fusion and MoonDrop Circus. In 2016, Abbie trained and studied in the Professional Track Program for aerial dance at Frequent Flyers Productions in Boulder, Colorado. The following year she completed her first contract as Company Dancer at Iluminar Aerial, where she also spent her time as an instructor to all things circus. Since then she has been flying high as a solo contemporary circus artist.