Abbie is a movement artist and teacher based out of Colorado, USA. From competitive gymnastics, to University of Colorado School of Engineering, to an international circus career, Abbie began focusing on her aerial, acrobatics, and hand balancing about 5 years ago. She attended Frequent Flyers Productions (aerial dance) Professional Training program where she left with a few great solo creations in static trapeze, dance trapeze, and sling. In the years around circus school Abbie has been working with companies such as Quixotic Fusion, MoonDrop Circus, Fractal Tribe, Borillo Entertainment, Lumina Entertainment, Kansas City Aerial Arts and more. Abbie also contracted with a couple companies, Cavalia Odysseo (the largest touring Big Top in the world) and Iluminar Aerial (out of Colorado) as an aerialist and dancer in several of their shows. When performing, she connects and engages with audiences; using great strength, flexibility, and control.

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